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Sections & Facilities

The Reception Area
Visitors to the museum are captivated, at first, by the beauty of the artistic façade, full of historical context. The structure is in the shape of a manuscript, inspired by the Unification Agreement,...

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The Introduction Area
From the theatre, a corridor leading visitors to the center of the museum, slopes downwards gradually. At the end of it, a large central area, split into several quarters, has its own reception area, ...

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The Theatre
The reception area overlooks the magnificent and unique architecture of the underground museum. As visitors walk down the stairs, at their first right they will reach the Union Theatre equipped with 1...

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Quotes from the Founding Fathers
The most famous quotes from the Founding Fathers cover the sides and corners of the museum. They have been artistically designed appear as if they have been perfectly sculpted within the walls. It add...

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The Chef-d’Oeuvre
A massive, eye-catching painting by the famous Emirati artist - Abdul Qader Al Rais, grabs the attention of visitors before they begin their journey into the temporary exhibitions and museum sections....

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The Founding Fathers Section
This interesting and exciting section holds the first exhibition in the museum. Divided into seven categories, each category houses specific material - the first material being majestic images of the ...

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The Inner Garden
A relatively small garden, mostly surrounded by glass partitions, lies at the entrance of the museum. A waterwall gives the place an ethereal ambience. A tree planted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed B...

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The interactive Timeline Section
This section takes visitors on a journey into the past, accompanied by special effects and “expressive music”. It displays the story of the Union in addition to films of great significance, highlighti...

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Dubai Interactive Map
The next exhibition highlights the pre-Union period. Visitors will view a panoramic interactive map of the region that used to comprise the Trucial States before the union. They will also be able to a...

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The Canals (Aflaj) Section
This section exposes the steps leading to the foundation of the Union through a series of pictures and exhibitions in the shape of an irrigation canal. The exhibition provides an interactive line-up o...

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The Showcase Section
A visual showcase with pictures and comments offers an explanation of the pre-Union negotiations with the neighboring Arab countries and with the foreign countries.​

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The Change and Union Section
This section presents three technological games. The screen interacts with seven cubes, each with a specific code. Once the encrypted part of the selected cube hits a particular spot on the interactiv...

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El Ghars Section
At this exhibition, visitors will get a chance to enjoy an impressive visual show featuring the latest technological advances (3D Hologram screen) to take them on a journey back in time. They wil...

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The Constitution Section
It’s impossible not to fall for the beauty of the golden fresco elegantly adorned with sentences from the constitution in a mixture of silver colour. A metre and a half away from this wall, a showcase...

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The Unity of the UAE Section
This section sheds light on the path that the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates embarked upon, through formal and informal meetings, to establish the unity of the nation.Visitors will have a...

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The Library
More than 3,000 political, social and historical books comprise the Museum Library, in addition to a variety of magazines, booklets, CDs and other educational items related to the UAE.​

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The Union Accomplishment Section
This final section was designed to be an open exhibition hall. The interactive screens will give visitors an opportunity to learn about the developments that contributed to the birth of the new nation...

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The Temporary Exhibition Hall
The large hall is designed to house temporary exhibitions of the museum. The diversity of events keeps the place alive, especially when spreading the essence of patriotism.​

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The Department of Education
This department is divided into two sections devoted to educate, train and deliver educational and practical lessons at once.​​

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The Restaurant
Located on the upper floor, right above the Union Museum entrance, the restaurant offers a large variety of meals to its customers all day long. The best part is the height of the restaurant, overlook...

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The Multipurpose Hall
This large hall fits up to 70-100 people. It can host various activities like seminars, temporary exhibitions, conferences and workshops.​

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The Café
The café on the lower floor, in the final section of the Museum, serves a large variety of hot beverages and snacks to the visitors.​

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The Guest House
The Guest House is one of the most famous historic buildings in Dubai and a renowned landmark throughout the UAE. The underground section of the Etihad Museum is directly connected to the Guest House ...

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The Union House
​The Union House, which served as the birthplace of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, was restored to match its original style, including structural improvements when needed. The reception hall leadin...

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The Flagpole
Few steps next to the location of the flag, a waterbody was created to match the shape of the shoreline at the time of signature of the Union of the United Arab Emirates.A new flagpole of 123 meters r...

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The flag – An Eternal Symbol
A few steps ahead, the flag that gathered the Founding Governors after the significant signature of the Federal State flaps in the sky. It’s the same flag that stood tall for unity, perseverance and l...

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