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​​Etihad Museum Educational Journey

We designed the school journey for children ages 7-18 to inspire and empower students. With specific cultural knowledge that compliments their classroom learning. This educational journey is directly linked to their academic curriculum.

School Programs

  • Cycle 1 Students (ages 5 - 9)
  • Cycle 2 Students (ages 10 - 13)
  • Cycle 3 Students (ages 14 - 18)

Teachers' Guide

Art at the museum

Bring out the artist in your students with our interactive and fun educational workshops by learning two art forms using the museum and its history as inspiration. There are two exciting workshops to choose from.

Sketching the Museum

For ages from grade 1 and above children will learn the basic elements when sketching. Guided through the process of how to sketch we will allow the children to use their imagination. They will then go into the Etihad Museum and use their new-found skills to sketch different areas of the museum - at the very place where they founded the UAE in 1971.

Let’s Capture History!

Using the varied and historical photos within the Etihad Museum, secondary school students (grades 6-12) will learn key concepts to create interesting photos which tell a story. We’ll explain what makes a bad and good photo, together with lighting to really capture history. With examples to build on their learning, they will then compose their own photos using the museum, and its story. Note: Schools must bring their own photographic smartphone and tablets to use for this workshop.

Journalism at Etihad Museum

Students will learn about the UAE unification, and they will be reporting the same story in their own way. This workshop develops multiple skills to the students such as research, public speaking, and videography skills. It will also allow the students to experience a real interview with well-trained representers. At the exact location where UAE was born.

Breaking News!

Interlinked with National Identity in the Social Studies curriculum, students will research the “Trucial States” and the 7 Founding Fathers before learning about the media industry and how to lead informative and engaging interviews. Then they will be transported to the red carpet as the Sheikh’s representative (roleplay) emerges from Union House – the actual place where the formation of the UAE was signed – where they will be questioned by your roving reporters. Note: Schools must bring their own photographic smartphone or tablets to use for this workshop.

University Visits

Local and international University students are welcome to visit our A dynamic 21stcentury museum committed to education, exploration the History of UAE. We can curate museum tours to fit their educational requirements. Find our museum brochure here to get an overview of what's on and what's inside each section. University Students (ages 18 - 24)